Fat Cat is one of the recurring villains from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. He was introduced as the pet of the nefarious underworld crimelord Aldren Klordane. Fat Cat, when in the presence of humans, displays very catlike traits (albeit a tad on the pompous and pampered side), but when with other furries, Fat Cat puts on a suitcoat, tie and vest and resumes a role as his own furry world's version of a crimelord. While Fat Cat is usually very supportive of Klordane's criminal activities, he also has his own criminal agendas. Fat Cat is a recurring threat to law and order as it applies to both humans and domestic animals, and to the Rescue Rangers. Chip, Dale, Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack and Zipper have outwitted him and his thugs on numerous occasions.

Disney parksEdit

During the original run of Rescue Rangers, Fat Cat made regular appearances at the Disney theme parks. His most notable appearance was in the Disneyland stage show The Disney Afternoon Live!: Plane Crazy, in which he and Don Karnage join forces and steal the X-22 spy plane. As a running gag, Don Karnage continually addresses him as "Cat Fat" by mistake throughout the show.&nbsp